How to identify fake mac pigments

C logo is a much thinner lettering. This replica's bottle lettering is more bold. Number 5: Fake MAC pigments will most likely have a spout type dispenser like in the photo above. Number 6: Most MAC pigments have a mild to little scent. This fake has a very pungent plasticy, chemically smell. Gross, Gross, Gross! Number 7: It goes on like dust, the pigment is very non-pigment like and it washes away so easily. No staying power whatsoever. People often debate the safeness of using these replica cosmetics. Personally I'm not willing to take the chance because I have sensitive skin and allergies as it is.

The only replica cosmetic I will use are the brushes. If it's too good to be true, it probably is. Don't purchase from a Stock images. Ask for more photos.

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Don't forget to check feedback as well! I hope this helps you on your next online adventure! Thanks for reading! That is really good and useful post, would share it with my wife so that they can get benefit out of it.

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Thank you for sharing it with us. Interesting post, I am going to share it with my female friends as I believe they would be interested in knowing it. Thank you for sharing it. Drop me a line! First check to see if your MAC Pigment has a name sticker on the top of the box.

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Second check to see if your box's bar code is printed like the one above of if the bar code is printed on a sticker. A real MAC bar code should be on a sticker and attached to the bottom. Real MAC pigments should have a flat lid that covers over the top of the inside of your pigment. If your MAC pigment has a repulsive or strong smell it's likely to be fake.

Most importantly, this pigment is terrible quality. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Newer Post Older Post Home. Anonymous July 23, at Anonymous February 17, at Popular Tags Archives. This Week's Top 5.

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  4. Today I'm sharing a review on a staple product in my skincare regimen that I've been using for years: Ives Apricot Scrub: Here is a great list that is being passed around on Facebook! The Author is 'Brandy' so thank you Brandy for these great tips! I have a lot to say about this Per Top 5 of All Time. The initial fake boxes except for Marine Ultra colour labels on top of the boxes are situated on the bottom left corner.

    These may be updated set of fake MAC Pigment boxes. Counterfeit The updated fake boxes' colour labels on top of the boxes are now situated on the top right corner, similar to the authentic MAC Pigment boxes. The fonts on the colour labels here are too bold and squarishly-round compared to the authentic colour labels. What's evident is also the light scratches on top of the boxes, similar to the initial fake boxes.

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    • Identifying fake MAC Pigments ***Guide with photos***.
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    I used to work in printing, and I can see a definate difference in the quality of the card stock from the genuine pigments. The genuine pigments the newer pigments are printed on a VERY bright white paper, with a very fine surface. The fake pigments are on a slightly yellower paper with a slightly rougher texture. I do have one old box of golden olive that I believe is genuine that is printed on a cruder card stock, however.

    Here are some photos of the current fake compared to a genuine. I didnt know there were fakes out there.

    I am having trouble figuring out if it's a fake or authentic. I can't find the box, so I have to go by the jar, but I'm confused. I hope you guys can help I'm basing these assumptions on the pics and descriptions on the first post By the way, the color is very concentrated and vivid, that's why I never suspected anything, until now.

    Originally Posted by charmedimsure I bought a pigment on ebay over a year ago and have been using it with no problems. I could really use your help guys. The batch code on the jar and bar code match. The bar code is a sticker. All the printing looks uniform and consistent.

    My Fake MAC Pigments !!!!!!!! =o[

    The sticker on the top of the box is perfect. I also noticed on your pics that the the box for the fakes is a little off from the color of the sticker. It seems that the sticker is a darker shade of black than the box, and the legit one matches exactly. Mine matches. The Box is most def authentic.

    But could they have put a fake in a real box?? I tried to take some pics of the jar but I'm having trouble getting my camera to focus on the letters, it comes out all blurry. I'll keep trying. Black Black is a Matte but it is 7. I hope that helps, charmedimsure! As for the pigment jar itself, if the comparison is similar to the authentic jars here, then it should be alright.

    Plus the batch code on the colour label on the bottom of the jar matches the batch code on the sticker barcode so that should be ok. Try comparing the thickness of the base of the jar here Counterfeit on the left and Authentic on the right.

    Identifying fake MAC Pigments ***Guide with photos***

    Counterfeit jars have thicker bases as you can see in the picture. It is possible that they can put a fake in a real box but I don't think the fakers will go through that much trouble unless the seller is desperate to get rid of it. I guess it's real.

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    I'm so glad. Wow, I got lucky. I was just worried that the writing in the back was centered, but I see in your pics some were made like that. I'm so happy I havent been putting rat poison or anything else dangerous on my eyelids. You guys have been immensely helpful! And also call MAC to report criminals!!! Display all images. Recent Posts New Posts. Guerlain discussion Yesterday, Pierres de Lumiere collection Feb Yesterday, Tom Ford Beauty Discussion Yesterday, Recent Discussions All Discussions.