External hard drive to use with mac time machine

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Time Machine Tutorial: Back Up Your Mac

Hard Disk Drives Pros: Storage capacity, price point Cons: Physical damage, physical size, speed If you're looking to store a lot of data, then a traditional HDD might be the best option because larger capacities drives are more reasonably priced. Formatting an External Drive Copying the files from your Mac to an external drive allows you to save data on your own terms.

Choosing an External Drive: Solid-State Drive (SSD) or Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Connect the hard drive to your Mac. Click "Erase" from the Disk Utility options.

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Confirm the action. A Format pop-up window will give you the opportunity to choose one of the following: Mac OS Extended Journaled uses Mac formatting to protect data integrity Mac OS Extended Journaled, Encrypted adds a password and partition encryption to the Mac format.

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Mac OS Extended Case-sensitive, Journaled, Encrypted adds password and encryption protection to the partition while also including Mac formatting with case sensitive folder names. Time Machine offers several ways for you to personalize your backups. If you choose to turn off automatic backups, you can still manually back up your Mac using "Back Up Now.

The icons will tell you one of three statuses: Time Machine is backing up, idle until next automatic backup, or unable to complete the backup. Finding a single solution with the ability to back up all of your devices is increasingly important, which is why Acronis True Image is a great choice.

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Active disk cloning: Acronis True Image also allows you to clone an active Mac system disk without having to stop and reboot. That means you can connect a USB-c cable for a super-fast transfer of all your data to a new Mac machine, or make an exact bit-for-bit copy of your Mac on an external hard drive. All-in-one recovery tool: You can also use it to create an Acronis Survival Kit , an all-in-one recovery tool that puts everything you need to restore your system on one external hard drive, including boot media and all your backups.

Cloud storage and features: A subscription to Acronis True Image also includes cloud storage , several powerful cloud-based features, and anywhere access to the data in your backup, which allows you to retrieve individual photos and files wherever you have an internet connection. Time Machine does not support cloud backups , which leaves your data at risk if a disaster damages both your original and local backup.

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AI-based anti-ransomware: Finally, while macOS machines have historically been immune from ransomware attacks, cybercriminals are increasingly targeting Macs. Acronis True Image is the only personal backup that includes an integrated defense against ransomware that uses artificial intelligence-based technology to detect and stop attacks in real time.

If you want, you can specify a name for your backup. Click on Backup destination and select the external hard drive.

Apple Time Machine 101 - Seagate Style

You can also customize the scheduling, backup scheme, version controls and other options simply by clicking the gear icon. Related articles. Renewals Contact us Site map Europe English. You can use any Mac that is preferably permanently switched on at home for this. Note that you cannot encrypt the backup as doing so will encrypt the entire drive. If you require encryption, consider backing up to a separate hard drive. It also has a built-in USB hub with two ports which is very handy for front facing ports.

Do note that this drive generates some noise, so if you cannot stand noise, I would suggest placing it behind or under your iMac using a Twelve South Backpack or Twelve South HiRise stand.

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I also have a 2. Its x DCI-P3 screen is an absolute joy to use, and the latest models allow you to hook up an additional x LG Display , giving you 2 5K displays! This setup works best if you have the Hub Mac connected your network via Ethernet or a separate 5GHz network. I use a Netgear X6 router that has two separate 5GHz networks, one for my Hub Mac and another for my Satellite Macs for maximum wireless backup speeds.

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Back up your Mac with Time Machine

How to set up a shared Time Machine backup drive in macOS High Sierra One of the first things you should invest in as a photographer is a robust backup solution. Select the correct volume that you want to erase. Click Erase. You can name it whatever you want. Your Hub Mac will now use the disk as a Time Machine backup volume. Make sure that File Sharing is checked. Enter a limit if you want, this will be a total limit for all the Satellite Macs that you will be connecting.

Click OK.