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These preamps are actually pretty good and the sound you get from this Interface is pretty damn impressive. The Behringer U-Phoria UMCHD mix control gives you zero-latency input monitoring, letting you experience your performance with no delay or lag in the returning signal. You also get a Headphone output.

Which Audio Interface Should You Buy In 2018?

Also, with just the press of a button you can playback in mono or in stereo… Checking your mixes in mono is very important if you want them to really sound the way they are supposed to. The inserts can be used to add effects to the chain such as Gate, EQ, Compressors, etc. The main output signal is simply split in two.

DAW Software and Operating System Compatibility

The biggest feature on this Audio Interface is the Auto-Sens switch, which is an auto-gain control. This means that you can simply press this button and start recording and it will set the gain level on its own. This function sets the ideal gain automatically with peaks at dB.

These are the 8 BEST Audio Interfaces under $300!

The preamps on it are pretty impressive, you can certainly get professional sounding recordings out of it! The Quad Capture uses a bit Digital Signal Processor providing each input with a compressor, a low-cut filter and a phase inverter. Still, the Roland Quad Capture is a great investment! The preamps on this interface are quite powerful, they can even drive the Shure SM7B which is known to require a lot of power to work properly.

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The outputs on this one are a bit more scarce than on some of the others. You only get the main Left and Right- and Headphone outputs. This audio interface sounds really nice and clean. Beside each input channel you have a switch that allows you to select between line and instrument level. It also has a PAD function which is really useful when recording loud instruments or microphones.

Top 10 Audio Interfaces To Consider In 2018

Ideal for recording at home or taking it on the road! When you buy it you also get Pro Tools First, the first Focusrite creative pack, which has some plugins for mixing, and Ableton Live lite. This Audio Interface sounds pretty damn good, the only issue is that if the buffer size is too low, you might get some pops and clicks. Desktop size interfaces are great for beginners, since they are generally less expensive and more portable.

Rack-mount interfaces, however, are geared for more experienced producer, as they can be bigger, require more technical setup, and are best mounted within a specifically made rack. Upgrading from a desktop interface to a rack-mount interface becomes necessary when adding additional instruments, microphones, or speakers to your production environment. The main reason is due to the amount of input and output sources that are available. On the other hand, if you are a producer who likes to include live instruments, a subwoofer or additional speakers and multiple microphones, you will need several inputs and outputs to handle all the gear that you will be routing to your system.

The Best USB Audio Interfaces for $ or Less - Produce Like A Pro

The amount of Inputs and Outputs on an interface can span from 1 -2 on simple interfaces… This will depend on budget, genre, and instruments used during recording. Note: If you are a drummer who would like to incorporate live drums into your production, having an interface with 8 or more inputs may be necessary to track the full kit. Start by understanding which pieces of equipment you plan on using when crafting your next track. If you plan on recording guitar, your voice, or other live instruments, you will need specified input channels to connect to the interface for proper recording.

This is why understanding which inputs are supported on an Audio Interface is incredibly important. Inputs In general there are 4 types of inputs that an Audio Interface will have. The RCA output is recognizable by its white and red cable combo. In fact, a lot can be achieved with only 1 of each input. As for outputs, the bare necessity is an RCA output that can connect to studio monitors. If live instrument tracking needs to be done, many artists will head off to a full studio that requires the attention of a professional audio engineer. Additionally, when upgrading an audio interface there are other factors to think about that will continue to advance your workflow and overall production.

Such aspects like latency play into effect when recording and tracking music. You may start to notice that some audio interfaces can handle latency better than others. If you are a producer that does not record live instrument you will not have to worry too much about latency issues.

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Price Ranges Now that you have a fairly in-depth understanding of how an audio interface works and what types of requirements you need to look out for, let's take a quick look at price ranges. And to make it easier for you to locate the best audio interface for your needs, we have broken down the list into three groups: Entry-Level USD max. Entry-Level Models These interfaces are best suited for producers who have just begun or are thinking about beginning their production journey.

Behringer U-Phoria UM2 Check out the full list of specifications and features on the Behringer website. Studio makes a nice audio interface for the bigger studio owner. The Apollo Twin connects to your Mac or PC via Thunderbolt yes cable is supplied , giving you extremely low latencies. The real-time UAD processing for tracking with effects are so well built that you can add multiple effects to your tracking feed and still get near-zero latency.

The Top 10 Best Audio Interfaces for the Money

There are 2 high-quality microphone and line pre-amps, with 2 line outputs for your studio monitors. You can expand the number of inputs with the ADAT connection. Besides being expensive, there is a steep learning curve to operate and record with the Apollo Twin. The fact that the RME BabyFace Pro is not exactly a new audio interface might demotivate you, but make no mistake in the quality of this audio interface.

It works well with USB 3 or USB 2 with no technical difference, allowing you to stay completely portable with enough power for phantom power. TotalMix FX, the software that comes with it will look old-school in terms of design, compared to most modern interfaces these days. However, that also means the routing possibilities are wide. On the front panel, the onboard meters clearly shows your input and output levels. You can also switch them to select In, Out or Mix. Apogee Duet used to be an interface that was made only for Mac.

Sometimes through the years, they made a change an engineered it to work with Windows computers as well. In fact, you could also use it with iOS devices. To connect microphones and line instruments, you would have to use its combo breakout cable, for 2 inputs, making use of its world-class microphone pre-amps.

You get up to 4 analog outputs for speakers and outboard gears. The LED meters are very responsive, accurate and helpful for recording and tracking — while keeping an eye to make sure the levels are where you want them to be. This enables you to record and monitor with effects — from reverb, EQ, compression and more. The UR has 8 microphone inputs and outputs, which would fit most recording scenarios but you can expand it up to inputs and 24 outputs with the ADAT optical connection. Additionally, there are two headphone outputs which are useful when making music with other producers.

The Antelope Audio Zen Tour claims to be the king of portable audio interfaces. The interface has 4 physical inputs and 8 analog outputs which are expandable via ADAT to 16 inputs and outputs, for bigger recording scenarios. The interface even has 2 Reamp outputs, especially for sending your prerecorded tracks into a guitar amp for recording again — perhaps something that would appeal to guitarists. Handy for remote controlling when doing solo recordings. Unless you want the best and most powerful audio interface in the portable category.

Recapping the features of Audio Zen Tour. No portable audio interface has this many features packed into a small box. It is literally a studio packed in a small box ready for all your traveling needs.

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