Gopro hero 3 app for mac

Show audio levels in live preview : If checked then the audio levels meter of the left and right channel are shown.

Mac OS X app for GoPro Hero 2 Hero 3 with Wifi

Generally it is recommended to disable this option because it slows down preview. Media browsing and management The media browser supports viewing, streaming, download, and deleting of media files from the camera.

Functions: Refresh : Reloads the list of media files from the camera. Clear cache : Clears the local cache of thumbnails. Delete from camera : Deletes the selected files from the camera. Note : Some media types such as time-lapse, burst, some video formats cannot be deleted over Wifi on GoPro Hero cameras. This is a restriction of the current camera firmware. Get download links : Shows a list of download links for the selected files. These links can for instance be copied into another download manager app. Download selected : Adds the selected files to the internal download manager.

Toggle view : Switches between grid and list view.

Howto live stream GoPro Hero 3+/4 Video on MacOS and Windows

Options : Show camera specific options. GoPro Hero camera browsing options Use legacy media downloader : The legacy media downloader supports downloading of all media files it has not the limitations of the "normal" downloader which uses the official camera functions. The download is slower than the "normal" downloader. Live preview and streaming server The Camera Suite offers a built in preview which can be opened with " Live preview " button in the top menu bar.

If the preview does not start or an error message is shown then try the following: Make sure that the firewall is not blocking the camera. Restart the camera e. Close and re-open the live preview window. Close and re-open the Camera Suite app. Options: Camera model : The camera model from which the data should be streamed. Unchecking this option is useful to convert the raw camera stream data on your own for instance with ffmpeg.

UDP server port : The port where the video and audio data is streamed to. The IP is automatically detected but can be changed if the detection fails. VLC Player url : The address with which the stream can be opened in another video player. Note: on some players the " " sign has to be replaced with " Copy player url into clipboard : Copies the player url into the clipboard. Start : Starts the streaming server.

Stop : Stops the streaming server. Status : Shows status messages and errors. By short I mean from 15 to 60 seconds only, a really mini clip. So if you ask me which GoPro software is the best, Quik won't be the answer. GoPro Studio , with more editing features than Quik, seems to be a better option.

#2. Connect GoPro to Mac via Image Capture

But sadly it has been replaced by GoPro Quik officially and there is no update any more. Then VideoProc , a full-featured yet easy-to-use video processing software, which also takes the lead in playing perfect GoPro editing software for desktop PC and Mac. It accepts any videos recorded by GoPro incl. Most importantly, VideoProc provides you with abundant flexible video editing settings and runs smoothly on PC.

Next we will show you how to use the best 3 GoPro software to edit video step by step. The table above lists some basic information of the best 3 GoPro editing software for desktop PC. Note that the hardware acceleration, or GPU acceleration, is the key factor determining whether the editing of 4K UHD or large-size video lags or not. Check the detailed comparison of the 3 GoPro software: VideoProc vs.

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GoPro Quik. To edit and process GoPro videos on desktop PC or Mac, firstly download and install this best GoPro editing software for free by clicking the following download button. Then follow the setup wizard to get it installed and open the GoPro software. For your convenience, VideoProc allows you to change interface language. Seven languages are available to choose. Import videos directly from the GoPro folder or transfer videos to PC and then get them loaded.

Click the gear icon in the top right corner of the main interface and select "Settings" in the drop-down menu. Switch to "General" option and enable the " Hardware Acceleration Engine ", which will make your following GoPro video editing and transcoding run smoothly on PC without lagging or crashing. Then click one of the six editing icons in the toolbar to proceed the general video editing. Or just remove your unwanted clips and then you can create a complete new video by merging the clips. Crop the image size to zoom in to get viewers focusing on your point and make videos look clear.

VideoProc offers you four ways to make videos in your desired orientation. You can rotate the video 90 degrees clockwise or anticlockwise. Or choose to flip the video vertically or horizontally. The " Effect " option is embedded with several video filter presets for you if Protune doesn't satisfy your appetite. Choose "Sharpen" to make your GoPro video look clearer, apply "Mirror" to get a special effect, or use "Technicolor", a well-known saturated level of color, to make your video more vivid.

There is also a Watermark option. To add Text, just enable the Watermark, input your words, set the transparency and adjust the width, height and position from left or top. Then click "Done".

How to Edit GoPro Video with VideoProc on Desktop PC

Slide the bar to change video playback speed from 0. Check the box of "Recalculate Time Stamp" to solve video audio out of sync problem or set "Audio Delay" manually. Besides you can disable all audio tracks for later adding background music. Aside from all the general editing functions we mentioned above, there is also toolbox, including a list of higher-level video processing features like Video Stabilization, Denoise, GIF, M3U8, etc. Follow us to explore more of this GoPro editing software. Video stabilization : what kind of video do you need to reduce vibration?

Typical examples are like GoPro mountain bike videos, GoPro underwater footages or any other shaky extreme sports videos. VideoProc enables you to stabilize your GoPro footages. If there is only a short shaky clip needed to be fixed, set the "Start Time" and "End Time" in the first place. Click " Denoise " to remove background noise , like wind noise, footsteps, motor noises from record machines, etc from GoPro videos through Low Pass and High Pass filters. Normally the value for remain good human voice without noise is - After all the video editing and processing, choose a format to encode the video based on your need.

Firstly, download and install this GoPro produced video editing software on your computer. So there is no official download link and you need to resort to some third-party sites.

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  6. Just make sure you download a safe file. You can't install them both. The version available online is v 2. One more thing: you can't change the directory for installing.

    Best 3 GoPro Software: Edit and Process GoPro Video on Desktop PC

    Pretty annoying. GoPro Studio places the "trim video" option in the very beginning of editing. But it is weird that some videos can be trimmed while some other cannot. The four videos are recorded underwater in Semporna by a same GoPro Hero6 Black, but the footage 1 and 3 can't enable trimming option, although it did work last week.