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Mentioning the workaround in the help file text may be a good idea? Which was why I first posted where I did: I work as a dev. Thanks - I added that as a possible item on our task list: I also added the input mapping. Hopefully we can get that in sooner than later. Thanks for the offer to test. When we put it up, I'll let you know: Ok, so I added a change for you in the latest patch that I hope resolves your issue: The update is NOT yet generally available on the default, but if you desire to test a little early, you can run the future build. Otherwise it'll be out in a day or so in the main branch.

The fix for you is very specialized. The commandline argument is as follows: This will not affect the use of CTRL anywhere else in the game. Just in the Alias UI. Last edited by JP ; 23 May, 6: Awesome, thanks for looking at it so quickly. However, unfortunately it doesn't resolve the issue. The new functionality works exactly as you describe.

I think a keymapping might be the way to go. Thanks for follow up. Back to the drawing board, eh? The problem with key mapping, and why I didn't do it that way, is the Alias is unique in the game in how it detects allowed characters, so I wasn't able to expose in the same way as like the ';'. This is, oddly enough, partly a Unity issue. Let me think some more on this.

I originally was going to give you the ability to map another character through the command line, and that might be best the answer, after all.

Wow, amazing reply speed! Sorry for not being able to keep up: I'm not sure if I understand you correctly. I presume the alias functionality itself works as a key-value-store, and that the CLI looks up entered command into the alias dictionary, expanding the command into its alias if it is found. So I presume you're talking about how text is entered into the alias text field. Btw, I fiddled around a bit more.

macos - Swapping the dollar sign for a euro, American english keyboard - Ask Different

Originally I presumed that aliases were only read from file as the game was loading, but I quickly discovered that they are at least read from file whenever you open the alias editor. This means that using an external editor is a more viable option than I first expected, although it breaks immersion. Another thing also occured to me. Since Ctrl is now free, this means I can use the workaround you suggested earlier: This workaround is sufficient for me to be happy with the game, because I can enter fully working aliases without breaking immersion -- so I personally now consider this issue low priority.

I will of course be happy to help if you get any great ideas about how to make it even smoother, but I'm sure there are other issues in the meantime that are more important. Thanks a lot for the amazing support and feedback: Yeah, you basically got it.

Swedish Apple Mac keyboard - the 'at' sign

The Alias is very close to an in-game text editor, so mapping keys is different than in-game when you are translating the key into an action. We don't have a TON of real estate for option items, plus I can also imagine trying to explain the point of it in game for most players: D It's a highly specialized option: However, if we find we start getting lots of "one-off" KB-specific requests, I can see us adding a Keyboard Options menu or something - that name has other implications, like mapping, which we'd want to avoid.

I never really thought of that. The only concern that comes to mind is teaching new players what it means. Oh, BTW - I've been using an image similar to this [i. I'm assuming that's about what you have minus function keys, or whatever Thanks for a great game!

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Post 9. Changing to Pro has sorted it I can now ' ' to my heart's content!

Cannot type in $ signs on a Swedish EU-keyboard inside jshell

Post Hurray and thank you, this sorted out the keyboard problem on my new MacBook Air. The symbols shown on keys reflect "Swedish Pro" layout. So if I set the keyboard to "Swedish Pro" I can type using alt2. When I set the keyboard to just plain "Swedish", alt2 gives a trademark sign instead. Uncle Fred. I know this topic could win an award for most boring discuss forum entry Display Mode: Popular articles Award-winning Australian coffee entrepreneur told to leave Sweden Zlatan reveals his love for Ikea: Where do all the Brits live in Sweden?

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