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I think he means like this Posted by: i'm lost. You could always copy-paste the one from bazookaman's post. You can probably find it as a symbol to insert in some program and copy from there.

Also, based on [ tlt. Posted by: AlphaDog.

Keyboard Combinations for Common Special Characters

Have you got it yet? I did a Google search and found two things that might help.

First, that "Alt " apparently is supposed to be "Alt ", or this - "You go into Microsoft Word toolbar at the top and go to Insert, Symbol and go under the Font "Symbol" and it's there Posted by: Tofer. Are you typing a formula?

Long Division Symbol

I would use Word's Equation editor. That is only an argument as to why it is easier, not as to why it is better.

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The two methods shown here complement each other. That is, the first method is slightly easier but will not insert every symbol. The second method allows for more symbols. Many symbols can be inserted by pressing and holding the Alt key whilst typing in a four digit code on the number pad that is the calculator like section on the right of most keyboards, make sure Num Lock is on.

The second method can be used to produce the symbols shown in the first method, as well as some further symbols.